This handy little tool is the focus of much love and adoration by those who love to scrapbook or craft. Lovingly dubbed as "the booboo fixer", it's the perfect go-to for repositioning stickers and other adhesive-backed items that may have landed in the not-so-perfect place. It's also rumored to have been used in a pinch for spreading peanut butter, peeling oranges, as a tongue depressor or letter opener and so on. And so on...

Featuring an oversized, soft over-mold to cushion your grip with a flexible, thin spatula on one end and a pointed tip on the other, it really is the tool that has more uses than you can even imagine.

Multi-Purpose Tool

SKU: 655115




    • Includes one original Multi-purpose Tool
    • Flexible spatula on one end and pointed tip on the other
    • Over-mold for comfortable gripping
    • Unique design for Creative Memories
    • 90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects