Uncover a hidden treasure with the Emerald Gemstone Fast2Fab™ Bundle! This natural wonders scrapbook kit is headlined with a classic blue album cover featuring a paint-splattered border in navy and teal matte foil. Inside, you’ll find pre-designed pages with patterns like watercolour washes, an aurora borealis amongst a starry night sky, mineral deposits, agates and gemstones, all in a bejewelled palette of teal, emerald green, navy and royal blue, white and yellow-green. It also includes a Tape Runner, Silver Dual-Tip Pen and border embellishments, which you’ll love for photos of the outdoors, weddings, birthdays, special moments with family and so much more.

Emerald Gemstone Fast2Fab™ Bundle

SKU: B659353
    • The Emerald Gemstone Fast2Fab™ Bundle includes:

    • Emerald Gemstone Fast2Fab™ Album with 16 earth- and nature-themed pre-designed pages
    • Emerald Gemstone Embellishments
    • Tape Runner
    • Silver Dual-Tip Pen