Make perfect titles every time with the Alphabet Stamp Kit System! These alphabet stamps come with everything you need to create all the textured, yet classic-looking titles and captions your heart desires with its full alphabet of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. Simply use the gridlines on the acrylic block to help you align several characters together, tap the block onto the midnight black photo-safe ink pad, and stamp away — it’s that easy! Also included is one online Stamp Kit Sketch Booklet to download, which features instructions on how to use your kit and sketches for project ideas. You’ll love this kit for creating layouts, cards and any other project you want to give your creative stamp of approval on!

Alphabet StampKit System

SKU: 657950
    • The Alphabet Stamp Kit System includes:

    • 80 character stamp faces
    • 1 acrylic grid stamp block to ensure straight and aligned titles
    • 1 ink pad with midnight black photo-safe, water-based and nontoxic ink
    • 1 downloadable, online stamp booklet with instructions on how to use the kit, as well as some sketch projects for you to try out
    • Decorative gift box